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Los Angeles police detained a man after pursuing his pickup truck on the 110 Freeway and surface streets in South Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The chase ended after the driver crashed the vehicle into a fence surrounding an apartment building near the intersection of 88th Street and Figueroa Street, knocking down a power pole. Residents’ power may have been knocked out by the impact, police said.

Aerial video from Sky5 showed truck struck a parked vehicle head-on while attempting to make a left turn off Imperial Boulevard before heading to the 110 Freeway, which he drove on for a few miles before exiting at Manchester and heading west.

The driver was seen weaving through streets along the 110 Freeway corridor at high speeds with at least two Los Angeles Police Department patrol vehicles in pursuit about a block behind.

The truck then crashed into the fence.

The vehicle appeared to have become disabled from the force of the impact and the driver, its sole occupant, gave himself up to police.

The man was seen being detained and put into the back of a police car before he was later transferred to an ambulance, alert but in a wheelchair.

Officials did not say what the man was wanted for or release details about when and where the pursuit began.

No further details were immediately available.