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Frank Gifford Suffered From Brain Disease CTE: Kathie Lee Donates His Brain To Research

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Renowned sports broadcaster Frank Gifford’s brain was donated to studying CTE, a tragic brain disease linked to football. His wife Kathie Lee admitted on Nov. 25 that he had the disease, and she hopes his brain will help find a cure. Here’s the scoop.

Frank Gifford tragically passed away on Aug. 9 at 84 years old. However, his wife Kathie Lee, 61, will not let it have been in vain, as she has donated his brain to researching the disease that may have killed him – CTE. Here’s what we know.

Before Frank was a renowned sportscaster, he was a player on the Giants. Unfortunately, his time playing football could be what lead to a degenerative brain disease he suffered from called CTE, Kathie Lee told TMZ on Nov. 25. In order to try to learn more about the illness and help cure it for other players in the future, Kathie Lee has donated her late husband’s brain to science. How brave! You can buy Kathie Lee’s children’s Christmas book HERE.

Despite the disease likely being caused by frequent trauma to the head, the Gifford family has no hard feelings against the game, and actually support the league, according to TMZ. Because they want to help players, they donated Frank’s brain “in hopes of contributing to the advancement of medical research concerning the link between football and traumatic brain injury,” said the family to TMZ. They hope it will be a “small part of the solution to an urgent problem concerning anyone involved with football, at any level.”

CTE has been buzzed about lately due to the film Concussion, starring Will Smith, set for release on Dec. 25. The film follows the man who first linked the disease to repeated concussions caused by playing football, and the leagues swift action against him to hide it. It seems that the NFL is becoming more transparent about the issue, and trying to protect players. The Giffords’ are proving that you can try to learn about and acknowledge the disease while still loving and supporting the game.

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